Tuesday, November 9, 2010

" Put your lips on and keep your legs crossed" ;)

"Put your lips on and keep your legs crossed" ...is something my Nana always used to tell me growing up. She just turned 91 and is as funny and smart mouthed as she is beautiful. Nana grew up in the south in Texas...in a tiny town. They had a way about things back then...which I think the mentality and ways of life hasn't dissipated from some of the small towns that are left.

Growing up, Nana would tell me ghost stories under forts made of blankets and we would pick blackberries in her garden, which she would serve to me for lunch with some cold cream poured over them. She helped shape who I am. She always had her lips and jewelry on and had a hot cup of coffee in her hand by 6:30 a.m. I always thought she looked beautiful no matter if she got ready in 5 minutes or an hour. When I got close to my teenage years..she would tell me.."Now Katie...a lady keeps her legs crossed" ;) I took that advice to heart through my teenage years :)

She is what inspired this look. Classic..simple...timeless. 

                                                                        In Technicolor

                                   As much as I love retro style..I sure am glad we have come a ways since then ;)

Makeup used:  Revlon Photoready foundation; Boi-ing concealer by Benefit; Mac Espresso es; Mac Nylon es; Mac Pearl; L'oreal HIP cream eyeliner; L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara; Elf blush and bronzing powder and Revlon Colorburst ls in Raspberry. Ring: Forever 21; Pearls: My Nana's

Who helped shape who you are today? 


  1. What a cute post Katie! I never realized how important Nana was in shaping your beauty rituals ;)
    My great granny was very much the same way. I would watch her get ready in the morning when I was a kid and she always told me to apply cold cream to your face at night to keep the wrinkles at bay. She must be right because she had amazing skin! Even at 105!

  2. LOL..my Nana used cold cream too! They must have done something right being that mine is 91 and yours lived to 105 :)