Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bombshells....and a trip from HELL-0!

Well...in a quick follow up to my last blog, my trip to the mall was a trip to HELL-O! A combination of pouring rain, being hit by some idiot in a moving truck, who then proceeded to "run" onto the freeway before we could pull over to exchange information....RUDE Christmas shoppers and not finding what I went for...I was more than ready to scream "Get me the HELLO outta here!" I was reminded why I only shop during the weekdays and not on a Saturday! Needless to say, I did walk away with a few finds...an off the shoulder black top from Express (same one you have Noelle), black opaque tights (never can have too many) and silver hoop earrings (I used to ALWAYS wear hoop earrings and I kinda missed them)...

Anyways..onto this blog...I just wanted to post a few of my beauty icons...most are pin-ups or modern day bombshells. These are women who inspire me in one way or another. :)

I love the style of the early 60s. Bardot..cute as a button. Love Love Love BIG hair..(but not Jersey style) ;) 

Coffee...Pearls...Oversized sunglasses...the hustle and bustle of downtown...Tiffany's ..What more could a girl ask for?!
I can remember wearing huge sunglasses my freshman year of college...this was before they were really in again. So many people made fun of how huge they were...Everything old is new again.;)
I love this picture of Marilyn. She looks less put together than in a lot of her photos, but still just beautiful!
A modern day twist to an old pinup style. The woman can do no wrong. Her hair always has volume galore a la "Bombshell". My kinda gal. 
 This one has Old Hollywood written all over her.

Who inspires your look?

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  1. You know I love me some Eva ;) I love that Eva is very old Hollywood glam, but she doesn't overdo it and always looks modern at the same time. She's truly an inspiration to me.
    Sorry you had such a bad trip to the mall. I honestly can't stand being near a shopping center this time of year. It's crowded no matter what! Better luck after the Holidays!