Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Saturday Shopping Trip

I bought a pair of pants from Express a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to return them. They are way too long and just do not look right. I strayed from my usual Editor pant that I wear to work and learned that was a no-no. So back to the mall I go. I'm saving up for a trip to Hollywood next weekend where I can go crazy with the shopping, however...I was browsing the Forever 21 website and saw some adorable items that I really want! I hope they look as cute in person! If I come home with a few items, I will do a blog post with pictures of what I bought. I hope I hope I hope they have these items:
This is too cute! I love Minnie...I love perfume AND I love off the shoulder tops! This is perfect for a casual night out. I would pair it with skinny blank pants, some jeweled ballet flats, pearl earrings, a cocktail ring and my MK watch.

Super Cuteness! 
I can't seem to get enough ballet flats. These are perfect for the Holiday season! 
 These rings are adorable! 

And...a quick "Outfit of the Night". I went out with one of my college girlfriends last night. It was fun! 

I need to get a full length mirror, but until then this will have to do. :) I wore black pants from Express, Emerald green tank: Target, Sheer, ruffle jacket: A boutique in La Jolla; Eiffel Tower necklace: Forever 21 and of course the new MK watch :) 

What are some more affordable items you gals have been wanting to pick up? 

P.S. to Noelle: If they still have the Love earrings, I will pick up a pair for you :)


  1. Cute picks and loving your ruffle jacket!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Hope you had a great trip yesterday!

  3. Marie- Thanks!

    Noelle- Forever was a total strike out! They didn't have the earrings either! I did end up getting a shirt, earrings and tights from Express but it was the mall trip from HELLO! I'll do a post about it maybe tonight....Hope you had a good weekend!