Friday, November 12, 2010

The Best Ships are Friendships

Noelle is my best friend. She is my family. My soulmate. She can complete my sentences and knows my thoughts before I even say them. She makes me happy and makes my secrets feel safe.

I met Noelle in high school~ a time in our lives which neither of us loved. We weren't outsiders or loners or even dorks. We just never vibed very well with the whole high school scene. We found solace in each other's "misery". We were ready for high school to be over and move on to the next phase of our lives. We bonded over an English class, in which our teacher only showed up to half the time. We sat in the back and passed notes and gossiped as teenage girls do. I felt a bond with her instantly. It was love at first sight. I finally found someone who shared my fashion...We understood that life existed beyond the teenage cliques and silly high school boys. High school graduation came and went and then we were off to Maui as our graduation hoorah.

Our trip to Maui was so fun and innocent and pure. It was a time when we were still so young and on the verge of adulthood but old enough to have a good time on our own. We somehow found a "car rental" place that would agree to rent to two underage girls. It was a jenky old beater and the drivers door didn't really open and the air didn't work..the car was on its last legs..But we didn't care. We were free ...on our own in such a beautiful place. Most the time we just spent laying on the beach. We both came back 10 shades darker than when we left. We flew back to California on the 4th of July and we got to see fireworks from above. It was the perfect end to our perfect trip.

College came and we were in different cities. It didn't matter. We still remained close. Years later..she is still the only girl I have ever met that just gets me and knows me and accepts me..flaws and all...No drama..just pure appreciation for one another.

Noelle has amazing style- very clean and rich and sharp. She turns heads wherever she goes. She is one of those girls that just always looks lovely- from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. Effortless beauty and charm.

She is very smart and is one of the few people left that I know that actually reads...I mean reads books..not just magazines or blogs ..but actually reads. She is an old soul. 
                                                      Noelle and I in Vegas :)

                                                                  My Birthday...

Noelle- Thank you for making my life richer and sharing in my hard times and the good. You are a true of a kind... :)

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  1. Awwwwww Katie. It's nine in the AM, I just got out of the shower and already I'm teary-eyed! This was a very sweet thing to write. It's funny how time passes and we sometimes forget certain fond memories in the hustle and bustle of life. I forgot that we watched fireworks from the plane on the 4th that year! That was so much fun. I remember your parents picked us up and we stopped at Denny's...right?! I miss those days! Well I'm happy we have remained close all these years. We definitely are soul mates ♥