Thursday, March 10, 2011

Which outfit Gals?

One of my best friends, Kelleigh, invited me wine tasting this weekend. We are taking a bus tour to 3 different wineries and then dinner and out to a hotel after. I'm so excited and can't wait! Sooooo...the big question now is What Do I Wear?  (Noelle/Kell - the black dress did not come out on camera, which is why I didn't post it)...Most of the outfits are very similar..pretty much just switched out the skirts....

Option (A)

Option (B)

Option (C)

Option (D)
Which Rings??

Thanks for your help kids! 


  1. D! With the owl ring, or the butterfly ring...
    & I hope you have fun. Never been to wine testing, but totally wanna go.


  2. I like B with the butterfly ring!

  3. I like them all! I really do! B seems popular though, so go with that =) I like the orange ring or the bright blue.

  4. Enjoy your wine tasting! I'm lovin' option A, so nautical :)

    xo, natasha

  5. D! :) With the red ring and the pearly looking one. :)