Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weddings and things

I love this time of year. Why you ask? Ok..I will try and describe this as best I can so you can understand exactly what I feel this time of year. The first glimpse of the change of season from winter to spring reminds me of: drinks around bonfires, tan skin, warm nights, baseball, leaving work and the sun is still out, the sound of the ocean and lots and lots of events. I am going with one of my good friends to a wedding as her date in late April and my birthday is right around the corner in early May. Also, little miscellaneous things are going on every weekend as well.

So, being fashion obsessed, of course I already started festering over what I am wearing to the wedding and my birthday and I think I found what I want to wear to the wedding. It is a more casual wedding, so I am taking full advantage of that and not going too fussy. I hate looking too fussy. You know what I mean?

The dress is from a brand I adore- Free People. I first noticed this brand because it is sold at Nordstrom and other boutiques I frequent. Free People always fits me well and it has a mix of boho-glam-casual that I feel just embodies my style just right. My M.O. when it comes to fashion in general is if I can see myself in something to dress it up or down, I know it's a "fit" for me. I have bought fancy schmancy dresses in the past and dropped good money on them and guess what?! I wore them once and they are hanging in the depths of my closet and stare me in the face every time I open it up. Every time I clean out my closet, I think "well maybe someday I will wear it again..sigh" Bull shit. Excuse my language. At least for me..If I haven't worn something on a regular basis or in over a year, I'm not wearing it again-ever. So, I digress...My point is, this dress will take me through spring and summer and many events and weekends.  

This is a great outfit to dress up or down. Throw on some flip flops and tie your hair back and your ready to walk the beach. Throw on some statement jewelry and cute wedges and a clutch and you are ready for an event-birthday dinner, parties, baby showers, wine tasting, etc..
 I love the pretty neckline! No necklace needed! The lace detail on the bottom is so pretty too!

I love the back too! 
 I am going to wear it with bright cocktail rings and other fun, bright jewelry.

Here are the shoes I am planning to wear it with:

Happy Spring and Happy Life everyone!


  1. I take it you're referring to your Bebe dresses when you talk about the dresses lost in the depths of your closet and forgotten about! I know what you mean though. I think it's better for pieces to be versatile rather than special occasion. I really like the Free people dress, very cute and definitely Summery! I like the neckline too! Fun post =)

  2. Cute dress! Totally loving the detailing on the bottom.

    xo $ARMIN