Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the Hunt in the Urban Jungle

I have lived with my boyfriend by the beach for approximately the past four years of my life. It has been one amazing ride. Beachcruisers along the boardwalk, bonfires, camping, walking in the sand with that first buzz of the night...many palm tree scattered sunsets...parties in friend's backyards...block parties...thrift store and boutique shopping and many memories of happy times with my beautiful friends. But I feel like one chapter of my life is heading towards the last page before it breaks into the new chapter.

This past year, I accepted a position at a law firm downtown. More recently, my boyfriend also accepted a position downtown. Even before he had the job, we entertained the idea of living down there. Now it just makes sense. No car rides to work...walk every morning and evening...within steps of some beautiful and trendy places...some hidden gems..eclectic shops and culture..Petco Park..Seaport Village..the list goes on and on. It would still be by the beach, but with a different feel to it. I have always wanted to live in a downtown area at least once during my life and I kind of's now or never. So why not? You only live once. I want to experience and feel and enjoy and learn from as many opportunities and lifestyles as I can-especially while I'm young and have the freedom and opportunity to do so.

We looked at an adorable place today in Little Italy. Upsides: Gorgeous penthouse view of the harbor, Little Italy and downtown, accepts doggies, has washer and dryer in unit and dishwasher (these are all things my little 1950s house I currently live in is lacking), gym, underground parking, cute unit, nice area. Downsides: Pretty darn close to the flight zone where the planes land and sort of close to the freeway.

Tomorrow, we are looking at a place near East Village, which is near Petco Park. It is a cute, newly remodeled condo steps from the trendy area of downtown. I guess how you could compare it, is to the sohoish/meatpacking vibe of NY. So we shall see how it looks. I can typically tell within seconds of viewing a place if I can see myself living there and picture my furniture and decor around. I just get a feel for if it fits. If I don't get butterflies in the first few seconds, it's on to the next!

Just going on the hunt is exciting. Thinking about a new circle to run in, in a different area of town. A new playground if you will. I have a feeling I will be visiting Coronado Beach more than PB once we move. Coronado has a more East Coast Hampton vibe, old money feel to it. Beautiful beach and more quiet than the party beaches by where I am now. Here are some pictures of the areas I spend the majority of my week in as it is and where we want to move in the next couple months:

Downtown San Diego:

Sea Port Village

Gas Lamp District

Balboa Park:

Petco Park
Little Italy 

Horton Plaza Mall

Skyline of San Diego

Coronado Beach

So..I am very excited and really can't wait to move and decorate and fall in love with this city all over again. I know a lot of my friends look forward to our move too as it means a place to crash in downtown ;) It will be a bittersweet end to beach style living, but hey ....I can always come back ;) 


  1. aww hv fun searchin for the right house. I'm kinda jealous cos i live in a boring apartment complex in houston lol

  2. Thanks! We actually signed a lease today! I'm so excited! I have heard Houston is a very fun city! I have a friend that lives near it!