Tuesday, March 15, 2011


ALOHA! OK. I think this collection was made for me. Usually I am not into the Mac collections being that they just repackage and rename colors they already have and pretend that it's new..whatever...It seems like a new line comes out every week at Mac..I can't keep up! Unless you are totally makeup obsessed and have the money, I don't think most people can. BUT..I can't wait for this collection! I am going to save and splurge on this one. My email has been "beachgurl" for eons ... I have beach girl stuff all over my house...I am pretty much beach obsessed and have been for years.

Here is a sneak peak of beach girl blush:

Running with the beach theme, here are some pictures I have taken recently of the beach near my house. I am telling you people..I live, eat and breathe the beach. 

 This is a famous surf spot. This shot was actually from sunset today. So pretty!

 This is where I bring my doggie Oreo to play. It is a grassy bluff where lots of other doggies hang out.

Such a pretty sunset ..if you walk straight from my house 9 blocks, you run into this. :)

So, are any of you as excited as I am about this line? ALOHA!


  1. MAC is coming out with new stuff like every other day this year, & its only March. I can't wait to get my hands on this blush, its to pretty to even use it.
    The pictures are pretty...


  2. I am definitely excited! I mean a hibiscus flower blush? Sign me up! I still need to get that tattoo =) Next trip to Hawaii and I will! I love the MAC Summer collections ♥

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am a definite fan and now a follower! I am also a beach obsessed Southern California girl. My living room is decorated in a beach theme and my family room in more of a tropical theme. SO pretty much they are both beachy rooms with just slightly different feels...lol I unfortunately don't live quite as close to the beach as you but I try to go and hang and relax there as often as possible.
    I will definitely have to check out this MAC collection. The blush alone of amazing!!!!!
    Anyways I just wanted to drop by and say hello! xoxoxox

  4. Melissa- That makes me feel really good! :) I love blogging and sharing my shopping with all of your girls! :) Beach stuff is the best! I am moving to a new place soon and once I get all my stuff decorated the way I want, I am posting a blog on it!

    Noelle- we will def. have to go shop this one together!

    Cupcakes- I know! It's too much to keep up with! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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