Monday, February 28, 2011


Is anyone else getting sick of winter? I am! I miss wearing lighter clothing..I wore a skirt without tights for the first time in months yesterday. It felt nice! I felt a bit ghostly, but was nice. I stopped into Forever 21 the other day and picked up a few items of clothing that have Spring written all over them! I think my Spring wardrobe this year will be filled with a 70s vibe..hippy/boho look. I love Rachel Zoe and 70s fashion. I picked up some items with flowers, turquoise and tie-dye. I also picked up a few items from the beauty supply store- new nail polish and navy eyeliner that I am loving!

 These necklaces totally reminded me of the YSL arty rings. Of course they are an 80th of the price of one..but still ;)

I think the top will look really cute with cuffed jeans and flip flops or really flared, worn jeans. I also love the tie-dye scarf. I wore it all weekend and loved it! The cardigan is an emerald green color, but the lighting in the photo doesn't really show the true color. 

 These are my favorite lashes. I love how they flare out on the edge for a cat eye effect. 
Saturday night I did a navy smokey eye. It's a refreshing break from my typical browns and blacks.
 I love this OPI polish- Jade is the new black. I can't get enough jade in my wardrobe/jewelry/polish. I love that color. 

I am dreaming about shopping again already. I just can't get enough! At least Forever 21 and the beauty supply store is sort of guilt free shopping! ;) 


  1. I'm sick of winter too!

    These are nice buys, loving the necklaces!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Yeah, I second, third, and fourth the Winter thing! Even though it's not nearly as bad where we live as most of the country, I still hate it! I can't wait to wear lots of fun dresses again. Love everything you bought. I still wanna go to that beauty supply store with you! Soon =)

  3. So True!!! I had the itch to buy everything today @ F21! Love that nail color :)

  4. Great choices, those necklaces are amazing!

  5. katie! Do the tag I did today on my blog...I think it's fun and I am curious to see what you come up with!