Thursday, February 3, 2011

J'adore Decor

If you know me personally, you would know that I LOVE <3 to decorate! It definitely comes second to fashion and makeup, but it's right up there. I get the "itch" to rearrange/redecorate every few months. I always go to Z Gallerie. It is by far my favorite decor shop and every time I go, I know I will undoubtedly find more than one thing I just can't live without. My house screams of Z Gallerie. It has taken me years (literally) and a lot of money to acquire a lot of my pieces, but I love them. They make me happy and take me to that "zen" place while at home. LOL.

I recently bought a few new palm plants and other items for the house, but I have a few more items that I want before I post a blog with pictures of my little house. :) Some of the things are major..some minor. The following are a few items that I have on my "To Buy For The House" list and I plan on crossing them off the list slowly, but surely as soon as I get back from New York!


I love this pearl white bedding! I would add color with a pretty throw and printed and textured, oversized pillows.

I love this Peacock colored throw. I would lay this on top. 

I love these pillows. The leopard would add a touch of flair to the overall appearance of the bed. 


I have gobs and gobs of decor accessories, but a few more items wouldn't hurt. It's fun to switch things up! 
I love this stool. It would go perfect with my Vanity. This would also work as a killer plant stand! One important thing to remember when decorating is an old life lesson: "Don't read a book by it's cover"- Many design pieces have way more than one use! (I have a few other items around the house with this type of crystal design)

I also love this crystal bathroom set. So elegant.
How Gorgeous is this?! I would put a huge bouquet of white and yellow roses in the vase and starfish and seashells in the bowl. Can never have too many star fish or flowers for that matter!

I adore this bar tray. It reminds me of the late 1960s and some fab pool party.

Hopefully in the next couple months, I will have quite a few of these items and I will do a post of how I decorate once I have everything in order and in place as I want it! Are there any items of decor you are lusting over lately? 


  1. I love that bedding so freakin' beautiful!

  2. Hi Katie, love your crystal diamond bath accesories set. I just did a client's powder room, and the wall mirror I have framed with a very similar glass diamond mosaic tile. Do you know where you purchased your bath accesories set? Its perfect!