Monday, February 7, 2011

Locks OF Love

So I didn't end up with the Jessica Biel highlights as I wanted...The lady I went to works out of La Jolla, which the best I could describe it as is the Beverly Hills of San Diego...When she told me the price she was charging for highlights..I said "forget it!" So I got an all over rich, espresso brown color. I love it AND I also cut off some major inches for Locks of Love. I wasn't planning on it, but I went for it anyway. I closed my eyes..and snip..snap's gone! I looked at how short it was in front and thought, "that has to be just a layer". I went to grab in the back and nothing was there.."Oh my Gosh..what did i just do?!" But you know has "grown" on pun intended.. and I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!!...

It is so much lighter and bouncier...I have volume without trying. It sort of reminds me of a Tiffani Amber- Thiessen haircut. To my pleasant surprise, I didn't get the terrible reactions I was expecting. Even my most critical co-worker, told me she loved it. It was all in my head. I do plan on eventually growing it out again to enjoy it longer while I'm young and for those moments when i do want my really long hair, I am looking into high quality human hair extensions, but for now I am embracing it! :)

Sometimes, people can see a look on you, that you would never expect to like. Hairdressers have always told me I have at least 3 people's hair. Now, my hair really is for 2 people and no length of hair feels as good as that :) 


  1. It looks pretty! It's kinda hard to tell the exact cut from the pictures, but the one you sent to me on my phone is cute ;) I'm glad you like it now.

  2. This pink looks really pretty on you!