Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gold and Blush

Hello Gals! Hope you all had a fab weekend! I did! I finally saw Black Swan. It was so intense..I loved it! I also did some shopping for New York (soon to come in another post) and went cosmic bowling Saturday night. It was a very mellow, fun weekend! I recently bought a few items from Forever 21 and wanted to share it with you!

Forever 21: 

This is actually 3 necklaces layered! I didn't necessarily like the pieces alone, but layered, it looks like a stunning, statement piece necklace comparable to Banana Republic jewelry and at a fraction of the cost.
I also have a pretty emerald stone necklace and turquoise necklace that would pair great with this piece.
 I loved the tiny, crystal pieces in this one. It reflects light beautifully.

I love the color of this stone against the gold. It will look great against black, white, emerald green and royal blue.

 It reminds me so much of Banana Republic jewelry which would cost upwards of $70.00-$100.00. All of these combined cost around $15.00!

I also picked up this blush colored hair clip/pin. I think it will look great in a low, messy bun or pinned on a sharp blazer to soften the look!

I hope this work week goes fast! I have a lot of projects and deadlines to complete, so I will be relieved when Friday rolls around again! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I am really loving this blush color in everything I have seen it in lately. Great finds they're so pretty!

  2. Thanks Queenie! I think this will be a huge color for spring/summer!