Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Makeup and Jewelry and Clothes...Oh My!

Me: Hello. My name is Katie and I am a shopaholic. Bloggers: Hello Katie. Let's all be honest here for one moment. Yes, I mean you too. This is quite possibly the sole time I will mention this topic..because, well, let's face it- None of us like to confess to being an "aholic" of any sort.

My story all began when I was a little girl. My Mom would take me on her shopping journeys to Nordstroms and it was set in stone at that point. I was doomed. I had no chance of escape. The rows of designer purses and shoes, the gourmet cafe', the piano playing in the background, the jewelry, the makeup, the clothes! My addiction grew over time to what it is today. Now that I am making a little more money than I used to, I just can't resist. I think I am making up for all the years in college that I could barely even afford Forever 21. No thanks to this blogging world either! We all know how it goes. We see something on someone's blog that we decide we just can't live without. Then we go on the hunt. We scour the malls like savages on the hunt for meat and if we can't find what we are looking for there, we go to the online hunt. We are like vulchers waiting for the next kill.

Denial: I know I am not as bad as many people out there. I never use a credit card. I don't put myself in debt from shopping (I have enough of that from student loans). I pay the bills. Justify...justify..justify...

Acceptance: I am a grown woman who makes my own money and works damn hard to earn it. I accept that I may splurge more than I need to, but I am enjoying it while I can...before I have kids and a mortgage and car payments and real bills to worry about. So there. ;)

Now...with all of that being said...let's take a look into my little world of shopping lately. Shall we?
We shall.
I have been obsessed with Mad Men lately and vintage earrings. I was on the hunt for some and found these babies at Aldo. I love them. I also found this emerald cocktail ring from Nordstroms. 
Continuing on with my vintage obsession, I was on the hunt for an over-sized red, flower hair clip. This is also from Aldo. It was actually an elastic headband and I cut the headband part of it and use bobbypins to secure it to my hair. I wore it Friday night with red lips and winged liner and felt very retro. Almost too retro. But the boyfriend calmed my fears and told me it didn't look too over the top.

I received a few Sephora gift cards for Christmas and this was one of my purchases. I love it! Excuse the wet appearance. I wiped it down so it didn't look too messy. I highly recommend this product. I don't think I will ever buy anything else to conceal with.
Silver dust by MAC. This is a really pretty highlighter. It works perfect on top of the cream based highlights such as Pearl or Shell. Use this to set it and you are good to go.
Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer. This was my Christmas gift from Noelle. I love it! I wish I had taken a picture before I started using it. It smells great and I fear I have gained another expensive holy grail item. Oh dear.

This is the MUFE lip pot in #6. I wore it in my NYE makeup look. It is a very pretty girly, pink pop color. It will look great in summer with a tan and some gold flecked lg over it. (The sheer color to the left of the pink is a swipe of the silver dust).

 Nars Albatross lg; Chanel Gabrielle ls; Chanel Cherry Blossom lg and a Loreal lg. I love love love the Chanel products. If you stray from bold lips, but are tempted to try it, ease into it with a pigmented gloss. The cherry blossom is perfect for that! It is great alone or layered.
Cherry Blossom is on the left; Gabrielle on the right. 
Excuse the rest of my face. I had wiped off my makeup and decided to snap a pic after for the blog so you can see what it looks like on. I have remnants of leftover eyeliner on and that's about it.

James, the bf, got me this little dear for Christmas. Michael Kors Jewel Clutch in black and gold. I love her.
I also picked up this Trouve' boyfriend sweater from Nordstroms. It looks really cute hung off the shoulder. I wear it with a black bandage skirt, tights and a statement piece necklace. It pairs cute with jeans as well (as you can see). This is a great piece to dress up or down. 

Well..this concludes our session for today. Remember- the first step is to admit you have a problem. Happy Hunting.


  1. great stuff!!!
    I like especially Chanel l/s. I love Chanel makeup too, it´s really good.
    nice post!


  2. This was so fun to read =) I agree with everything you said!
    I know what you mean about the Chanel bronzer. I haven't touched my Korres powder bronzer since buying the Chanel, and I fear that I will want to buy it over and over. It just works so well and the scent is heavenly! All of your other purchases are fab too Katie. Love it all! I might have to hunt down those Aldo earrings and the Chanel Cherry Blossom, although I just bought a Revlon Colorburst l/g that is a deep red too. But I love the hunt!

  3. Thanks girls! I love this sweater too! It is one of my fav current pieces! I wish I had bought the other color they had!

  4. Hey, this post is so great! You said everything just right, it was really interesting to read!
    Nice purchases also :)