Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cosmic Bowling!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a very mellow weekend. Saturday night, I went cosmic bowling with the boyfriend and a couple other friends. It was a lot of fun! I bowled a 162! Pretty good considering I haven't bowled in over 4 years. I felt like a girl of 14 again! My friends and I used to always hang out at the bowling alley on Friday and Saturday nights when I was 14/15. It was the "cool" thing to do. Hehehe. I wore a new royal blue beanie I picked up at Nordstrom and my black Trouve' off the shoulder, black sweater and my emerald cocktail ring.

 Enough with the pictures! ;)

What did you do this weekend? Hope you had a good one!


  1. So cute! I'm loving beenies this year. I never thought I could pull them off but how wrong I was! Anyone can. Anyway, my weekend sucked, laid in bed and still am...I did go to the doc though and got some meds so I hope I'll be back to normal soon!

  2. Thanks Noelle! I am loving them too! I stocked up on a few for NY! You look cute in a beenie too! Hope you feel better today!