Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So...the trip to LA was so much fun! Here is a quick recap: Hotel Palomar, Beverly Center, Santa Monica, Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood bar hopping, Wax Museum, Roosevelt, Fine Dining, Rodeo Drive, Sephora, Beauty Bar (This was the CUTEST bar I have ever been in ...ever! I have pics to post of this one in the next blog...It is an old, retro beauty salon turned bar, where from 9-11:30 p.m.,you can order a Martini and a Manicure for only $10.00!), Irish Pubs and the list goes on. I did not want to leave and come back to reality! I still have to upload all the pictures we took, but I do have a few on the MAC Book of the makeup looks I wore while I was I figured I would share that and do another blog on all the sights and shopping.

Night One: Hollywoodland

I was going for an "Old Hollywood" with a modern twist. I did simple eyes with heavy black winged liner and some highlight and a sheer redish-pinkish lip. 
Makeup used: Revlon Photo Ready foundation #5/6, Boi-ing concealer in #2, UDPP, UD Naked, MAC Nylon (inner eye highlight), HIP black cream eyeliner, Loreal mascara, Fakie eyelashes, Elf bronzer and blush combo, MAC Pearl (for highlight above the lip), MAC See Sheer ls and MAC dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed.

Night Two: Santa Monica
I really had no idea how I was going to do my makeup, so I just started doing it and went from there. I ended up with a more "rocker chic" look this night. I did a smokey cat eye and a nude-pink lip. It was also raining that night, so I wore my hair in a poofed pony-tail a la Eva Mendes. 
Makeup Used: Everything is the same as listed above, except I used the two darkest shades in the UD Naked and Pink Swoon blush by MAC and Lady Gaga ls by MAC. 

I missed this little blogging world over the long weekend! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I will post a blog in the next couple days with the goodies I bought while in LA and some sight seeing pics. :)


  1. I've heard of that bar and it sounds so cute! I wish they had something like that in PB!
    Love the makeup looks. I'm glad you got see sheer! I wear mine almost every day =)

  2. Andi- Thanks! :)

    Noelle- It is sooo cute! I wish they had something like that here too! I love the see sheer..I think I will be sporting it today :)

  3. Love the eyes!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. You are so pretty! Nice blog!

  5. It's sooo nice we have much in common :) I really-really like your blog and can't wait for the new posts! I think we like a lot of the same things in fashion!

    Thanks for following!